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The Full Story


The COVID-19 pandemic hit the planet harder than ever. Many lives were lost, many facilities shut down, and everything was at a standstill. The need for decent healthcare quadrupled its numbers. Established in 2022 at the end of the pandemic, Hygeia Wellness Center saw the need in the community for facilities that truly care for their patients' needs. Hygeia Wellness Center strives to treat each community member who walks through our doors like family.


Our mission is to educate, engage and empower individuals in our community with innovative, customized programs that prevent disease and change lives. Because not all wounds are visible, we are dedicated to healing the unseen. We do that by helping our patients overcome mental and physical health challenges. We’re committed to being confidential, sympathetic, and approachable in our communications and treatment.


Our vision is to make Hygeia Wellness Center a safe space while drastically enhancing the health and wellness of members of our surrounding community.

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